ecf-30-button-150x150.jpgLOOKING FORWARD — ECF's 2017 Strategic Plan

News & Events

Join the fun at NU Dance Marathon (NUDM) community activities this weekend. For the 20th year, ECF is the secondary beneficiary! Learn about our partnership.

Leadership Evanston 25th anniverary celebration — Mon. April 24 at SPACE. Buy tickets mid-Mar.

Our Grant Awards Celebration and Annual Meeting — Tues. May 30 5:30pm. Grant applicants will be notified in mid-May.

Partnering with ECF, eateries Five & Dime, Lulu's, & Taco Diablo share proceeds benefitting a local organization.

why does it matter?

The Evanston Community Foundation supports local organizations in pursuing their missions, and our ventures work across sectors to accelerate change at a systemic level. ECF uses the power of philanthropy to shine a light on promising solutions and respond to immediate needs. Evanston's future starts with what we do today! We look forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary year with the community.

WHAT does the Foundation do? We ask questions and seek answers, helping lead Evanston where it wants to go. ECF builds permanent endowments, generating resources to meet community challenges, seize opportunities, and realize Evanston's potential.


As a partner of Evanston Cradle to Career, ECF is a member of the collective impact initiative’s commitment to making sure all Evanston young adults will be on the path to leading productive lives by the age of 23.