melon.img005_env.jpg     join us to Celebrate the Bounty of Evanston on October 19. Buy tickets now!

why does it matter?

The Evanston Community Foundation seeks a level playing field for all. Everyone’s potential counts, so we back many local organizations in pursuing their missions. And, increasingly, the Foundation’s own ventures work across sector lines to accelerate change at a systemic level. Evanston’s future starts with what we do today! 

WHAT does the Foundation do? ECF builds permanent endowments so Evanston can count on steadily growing resources to meet our challenges, seize opportunities, and realize our potential. We ask questions and seek answers — we help lead Evanston where it wants to go.

News & Events

Join us at our annual benefit on October 19 to Celebrate the Bounty of Evanston. Don't miss it — buy your tickets now.

Applications are due by October 20 for root2fruit grants and  root2fruit alumni capacity building grants.

Register to attend the one day Snapshot Evanston program on October 23.

ECF is a supporting organization of the exhibit Race: Are We So Different? at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, October 12 - January 25.

The 3rd annual Evanston Police & Fire Chiefs' Luncheon is November 14. Become a sponsor or reserve your spot now!