public service challenge

The workshop is directed at those who are interested in running for local public office or participating in local campaigns.

The recent workshop trained interested candidates for the District 65 and District 202 upcoming April 2015 election. Candidates received information from experts about how to get on the ballot and run a campaign, as well as the role of an elected school board official.

workshop format

Public Service Challenge (PSC) seeks to give potential candidates and campaign workers a strong basis of essential knowledge to be an effective public servant and real practical skills and knowledge about running effective local campaigns.

The PSC brings together a variety of experts and leaders to share their knowledge on the local election process and topics such as nominating petitions, organizing campaign committees, legal requirements for public office, fund-raising, election laws, city and school district budgets, and other timely local issues.

Since 2000, Leadership Evanston has led a coalition of civic groups to offer this workshop, which has been attended by many who now serve in public office. Look for the next Public Service Challenge to be held in the fall of 2016.