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2021 annual report:
I am because you are

The work we do together exemplifies the true meaning of philanthropy, which is rooted in “the love of humanity.”

That’s why we’ve been viewing ECF’s work through the lens of “Ubuntu” (a term used by the Bantu people of Southern Africa) which means “I am because you are.”

Your compassion, generosity, and creativity in supporting the Evanston Community Rapid Response Fund allowed us to partner with nonprofits and businesses to address the many challenges of COVID-19.

Browse our 2021 Annual Report by topic below or flip through a PDF.

in the spirit of ubuntu

Sol Anderson reflects on his first year as President & CEO and celebrates the Evanstonians who embody Ubuntu in their work and personal lives.

unlocking the power within all of us

Janet Davis, a neighborhood leader and activist, discusses community, empathy, and why she supports ECF.

bringing diverse voices to the table

Making decisions wisely requires hearing the broadest and deepest set of community voices.

reparations in evanston

ECF is proud to support Evanston’s efforts to repair harm by reinvesting in the Black community.

making grants more accessible

Community Building Grants give individuals the power and resources to create meaningful change.

grantmaking built on mutual trust

We’re committed to supporting community-centered nonprofits and helping them to grow. 

collective and enduring initiatives

ECF partners with the Clear Language Lab to break down barriers by making communications more accessible.

letter from ecf board chair

Larry Singer, ECF Board Chair, expresses gratitude for your support and optimism for a new era of impact.

2021 grantees

We celebrate the recipients of ECF’s 2021 Community-Centered grants and Cohort-Based Learning and Grants.

2021 grants & distributions

An overview of 2021 grants and distributions, totaling $2.88 million.

leadership of ecf

A complete listing of the members of our Board, Investment Council, Committees, and staff.

finance & investments

2021 financial review, investment results, and thoughts on the coming year.