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letter from Larry Singer, ecf board chair

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you. 

Larry-Singer.jpgBecause of you, the Evanston Community Foundation can strongly continue the work of healing our community in the wake of the pandemic and the economic devastation that it caused.

Because of you, more resources than ever before were contributed to the annual campaign: more vulnerable people received the help and support that they needed, more challenged nonprofits were able to keep operating, and the character of the city that we hold dear was nurtured and strengthened.

We don’t intend to rest! Fresh from working through a strategic planning exercise which centers racial justice, lifting community voices and developing the financial resources that we need to address community harms, we as a Board and organization are excited for the work ahead, ready to face the challenges to making our vision come true. ECF is truly “here for good,” in all meanings of this phrase.

ECF’s reputation as the indispensable organization in our community is a testament to the foresight of our founders 35 years ago. These visionaries recognized that a community like Evanston needed an organization dedicated to forging partnerships across our strong nonprofit community. Guided by committed Board and staff members, donors and supporters, and our beloved Evanston community, ECF serves as a catalyst to our nonprofits and multiplier of their impact, while also identifying and addressing unmet needs.

“I love this community. It has given me a home, a place to raise my children with the values that I hold dear, deep friendships, and unwavering support. I cannot imagine a better place to live, work and serve, nor an organization more deserving of support than our Evanston Community Foundation.”

I am so very proud of ECF and excited for our future. As we embark upon this new era under our President & CEO Sol Anderson, I invite you to join me in supporting the important work of Evanston’s Community Foundation.

Most cordially yours,


Larry Singer
ECF Board Chair