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our board

The Evanston Community Foundation salutes our dedicated board of twenty-one. The board is broadly representative of the community we serve and vitally important to the work we do, providing leadership, sharing knowledge, and rolling up their sleeves to ensure a vibrant, thriving and inclusive Evanston.

board members

Lisa Altenbernd  Paul Brenner Diana Cohen Matt Feldman  Linda Gerber  Sandeep Ghaey  Sarah Gordon  David Graham  Lee Hart  Carolyn Lickerman ♦ Tania Margonza ♦ Sharon Robinson Bart Rocca ♦ Marcel Sallis ♦ Gene Servillo Larry Singer Michael Walker Bryant WallaceTodd WienerJudy Witt 

Altenbernd-089-140x176.jpgLisa Altenbernd

Brenner-140x176.jpgPaul Brenner 


Diana Cohen

Feldman-150-140x176.jpgMatt Feldman

Gerber-140x176.jpgLInda Gerber


SandeepGhaey2019-140x176.jpgSandeep Ghaey


Sarah Gordon

David Graham


Lee Hart

Lickerman-140x176.jpgCarolyn Lickerman


Margonza-140x176.jpgTania Margonza

Sharon-Robinson-140x176JN.jpgSharon Robinson

Bart Rocca

Sallis-140x176.jpgMarcel Sallis

Servillo-055-140x176.jpgGene Servillo


Singer-565-140x176.jpgLarry Singer


Michael Walker

Wallace-140x176.jpgBryant Wallace

Wiener-026-140x176.jpgTodd Wiener

Witt-091-140x176.jpgJudy Witt

Photos by Jill Norton (except photos provided by new board members, as of 2020 — Linda Gerber, Sarah Gordon, Lee Hart, Tania Margonza, Marcel Sallis

board officers

Lisa Altenbernd, board chair Diana Cohen, past chair Matt Feldman, treasurerSandeep Ghaey, secretary Larry Singer, vice chair Bryant Wallace, Goverance chair Todd Wiener, Philanthropic Engagement chair

committees of the board

As prescribed by the Foundation's bylaws, the board chair annually appoints members to its three standing committees — Audit, Executive, and Governance. Each committee has two or more directors as members; nondirectors may serve on committees as long as a majority of members are directors.

The Executive Committee directs the work of ECF's two additional mission-based board committees: Philanthropic Engagement (including Celebrate!Evanston) and Finance. The Investment Council operates within the Finance Committee. The Leadership Evanston and root2fruit committees support specific programs areas; committees for open application, strategic grant cycles are formed to align with specific cycles and comprise board members and community representatives.

Sept. 2020 –June 2021 Board Committees 

Chair: Bryant Wallace
Lisa Altenbernd
Paul Brenner
Sandeep Ghaey
David Graham
Sarah Gordon
Gene Servillo
Staff: Jan Fischer

Chair: Matt Feldman
Lisa Altenbernd
Diana Cohen 
Carolyn Lickerman
Bart Rocca
Marcel Sallis
Larry Singer
Staff: Jan Fischer

Chair: Ralph Segall, community representative 
William Blanchard, community representative
Lisa Altenbernd
Mike Brody, community representative
Diana Cohen
Matt Feldman
William Goldstein, community representative
Paul Harvey, community representative
John McCarthy, community representative
Mark McCarville, community representative
Laura-Min Proctor, community representative          Larry Singer
Ingrid Stafford, community representative
Staff: Jan Fischer 

Chair: Todd Wiener
Lisa Altenbernd
Linda Gerber
Lee Hart
Sharon Robinson
Tania Margonza
Michael Walker
Judy Witt
Staff: Rebecca Parmet, Joi-Anissa Russell

Co-Chair: Sandeep Ghaey
Co-Chair: Gene Servillo
Lisa Altenbernd, Bart Rocca
Staff: Charlotta Koppanyi, Rebecca Parmet, Joi-Anissa Russell,

Chair: Michael Walker
Co-Chair: Judy Witt
RJ Coleman, community representative
Nicole Boyd, community representative
Carmen Francellno, community representative
Margaret Gergen, community representative
David Graham
Fr. Robert Oldershaw, community representative
Ismalis Nunez, community representative
Brenda Phillips, community representative
Gene Servillo
Vanessa Vegas, community representative
Bryant Wallace
Staff: Jennifer Moran, Charlotta Koppanyi

Chair: Ann Balusek
Aina Gutierrez, community representative
Kevin Mott, community representative
Tim Russell, community representative
Shabnum Sanghvi, community representative
Erika Storlie, community representative
Staff: Marybeth Schroeder, Rebecca Cacayuran