JN092-100x100.jpg  Thank you to all the donors who gave to ECF in 2017 to create a vibrant, just and inclusive community.

our board

The Evanston Community Foundation salutes our dedicated board of twenty-one. The board is broadly representative of the community we serve and vitally important to the work we do, providing leadership, sharing knowledge, and rolling up their sleeves to ensure a vibrant, thriving and inclusive Evanston.

board members

Judith Aiello-Fantus Lisa Altenbernd Lun Ye Crim BarefieldJabbar Bennett Michele BergWilliam Blanchard Michael Brody Kelley O. Cambry Diana Cohen John Cunningham Matt Feldman Pete HendersonBart RoccaTim Russell  Gene Servillo Sandra Waller Shelton Larry Singer Michael WalkerTodd WienerJudy Witt ♦  Simon Yohanan

Aiello-172-140x176.jpgJudith Aiello-Fantus

Altenbernd-089-140x176.jpgLisa Altenbernd


Jabbar Bennett


Michele Berg

Blanchard-116-140x176.jpgWiliam Blanchard


Brody-160-140x176.jpgMichael Brody


Kelley O. Cambry


Diana Cohen


John Cunningham

Feldman-150-140x176.jpgMatthew Feldman



Pete Henderson


Bart Rocca

Tim Russell
Servillo-055-140x176.jpgGene Servillo Shelton-145-140x176.jpgSandra Shelton



Larry Singer

Walker-145-140x176.jpgMichael Walker Wiener-026-140x176.jpgTodd Wiener Witt-091-140x176.jpgJudy Witt Yohanan-163-140x176.jpgSimon Yohanan

Not pictured: Lun Ye Crim Barefield. Photos by Jill Norton.

executive committee

Diana Cohen, board chair Lisa Altenbernd, vice chair William Blanchard, treasurer Michael Brody, past chair Pete Hendersonm, chair — philanthropic engagement committeeMonique Brunson Jones, President and CEO Tim Russell, secretary Larry Singer, chair — community investment & engagement committee

committees of the board

As prescribed by the Foundation's by-laws, the board chair annually appoints members to its four standing committees — Audit, Board Development, Executive and Investment. Each committee has two or more directors as members and nondirectors may serve on committees, as long as a majority of members are directors.

The Executive Committee directs the work of ECF's three mission-based board committees: Community Investment & Engagement, Philanthropic Engagement, and Governance & Sustainability. The audit, governance and investment committees operate within Governance & Sustainability. Executive committee members are listed below,. Download the list of all Committees of the Foundation board (updated September 2017).