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key documents & policies

ECF board members, staff and volunteers are guided by ECF’s board approved policies in their work on behalf of the Foundation.

Articles of Incorporation

Evanston Community Foundation was incorporated on September 29, 1986. Download


The Bylaws of the Foundation, as modified by the Board on November 9, 2022. Download

Confidentiality, Equal Opportunity and Whistleblower

The ECF board and committee members, staff members, students and volunteers abide by these policies: Confidentiality Agreement (approved: November 11, 2003; revised December 13, 2005, October 26, 2010), Equal Access and Opportunity Policy (adopted March 13, 2002), and Whistleblower and Fraud Reporting Policy (approved May 21, 2007; updated July 2, 2012). Download

Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy, adopted September 10, 2003, defines the terms by which ECF strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in all of its policies, procedures and programs and to avoid conflicts of interest. Each director, officer, member of a committee with board delegated powers, employee or contractor shall annually sign a statement in the Conflicts of Interest Annual Disclosure Statement. Download

Donor Initiated Fundraising Policy

These policies are designed to provide guidance for fundraising events, direct mail campaigns, and/or other types of solicitations to raise money by donors who established donor advised funds at ECF. Approved April 2018. Download

Gift Acceptance Policy

In keeping with its mission as a philanthropic organization, the Foundation will actively solicit gifts to further its charitable purposes and to assist donors in developing and fulfilling their charitable aspirations. Thie provisions in this policy include the criteria for gift acceptance, protection of donors' interests, authority to accept gifts, compliance with IRS regulations, ethical standards and conflicts of interest, types of gifts accepted, and other related provisions, as well as defining fund options. Adopted September 10, 2003; revised June 2012. Download

Investment and Spending Policy

This policy codifies the principles to be followed by the Investment Council (the Council) in the execution of its responsibilities. Both the Council and the Board are obliged to discharge their ongoing fiduciary responsibility to evaluate the performance of ECF’s assets and its spending and, at least annually, to readopt this Policy with such changes as may be appropriate. Ratified by ECF board on September 8, 2021. Download

Policy for Public Availability of IRS Forms 990 and 990-T

This document outlines the Foundation's policy regarding the public availability of IRS 990 and how it regularly makes available information on its programs and finances through print publications and press releases, as well as on its website. Download

Public Policy and Advocacy Guidelines

These guidelines provide the Foundation with a framework for considering, evaluating, and acting in leadership capacities within the community. Approved February 21, 2018. Download

Social Media Policy

It is the Policy of Evanston Community Foundation that social media communications in representation of the mission, values and goals of the organization should be vetted and in adherence to the guidelines set forth in this policy document. Approved April 2018. Download