grantee resources

The documents provided in this section are for use by responsive grant and root2fruit grantee organizations.

grantee responsibilities

ECF works closely with our grantee organizations. This document outlines the ways the grantee will be expected to communicate goals and objectives and measurable progress as the grant year progresses. Download

communication guidelines for grant recipients

Starting with the 2014-2015 grant recipients, these guidelines are intended to assist in the communication of your grant including, for example, acknowledging support from the Foundation in publications you produce and in media communications. Download

responsive grants calendar 2016-2017

The grant period began on July 1, 2016 and this calendar includes the dates for form submissions and site visits. Download

responsive grants interim report narrative form 2016-2017

Grantees use this form to report progress on impact, outcomes, strategies, as well as to describe new opportunities, challenges, active partnerships, publicity and stories. Grantees submitted by Friday, December 2, 2016. Download

responsive grants interim budget form 2016-2017

Use this Excel spreadsheet to provide budgeted expenses and actual expenditures for the grant year-to-date. Grantees submitted by December 2, 2016. Download

responsive grant final report 2016-2017

Submit by Monday, July 17, 2017. Grantees are asked to provide outcomes and describe new opportunities, challenges, active partnerships, publicity, and stories. Download

grant agreement sample 2016-2017

This sample document illustrates the terms and conditions required of grantees for the 2016-2017 grant year. Download

responsive grants evaluation worksheet 2016-2017

This worksheet is used by ECF to create the grant agreement and will be the basis for completing interim and final reports. Deadline was Friday, June 17, 2016. Download

responsive grants revised program/project budget form 2016-2017

Submitted with goals and objectives, this Excel form requires specific expense and revenue information. Submission deadline was Friday, June 17, 2016, launching the grant year. Download

theory of change — responsive grants

Moving from strategies & values to longer-term impact follows immediate outcomes (1-3 years) and intermediate outcomes (3-5 years). Illustrated in a four-column chart, this document provides the process for reaching an Evanston nonprofit sector that is strong and thriving. Download

responsive grants orientation June 2015

This Powerpoint presentation Outcomes & Indicators: Some Helpful Tips was used at the orientation for 2015-2016 Responsive Grants grantees. Presented by Susie Quern Pratt and Jenny Ellis Richards, of Pratt Richards Group. Download

root2fruit grantee report and renewal form

Due December 5, 2016 by root2fruit grantees who are completing their first and second year of funding. Download