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We are deeply grateful for their generosity and support of Celebrate!Evanston 2019. Join us on Thursday, October 24.

presenting sponsor (interview with Byline President and CEO, Alberto Paracchini)


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 meet our presenting sponsor

Byline President and CEO, Alberto Paracchini

The support of local businesses, like Byline, make this event possible and further our mission for Good. For the second consecutive year, ECF is thrilled to welcome back Byline Bank as our Presenting Sponsor. We sat down with Byline’s President and CEO, Alberto Paracchini, to hear his thoughts on giving back, community, and Evanston. 

Why did Byline choose to support ECF?
First and foremost, we’re a community bank. We want to continue to carry on the legacy of being a cornerstone of the Evanston community and giving locally is an important component of that legacy. Byline’s support of nonprofit organizations, like ECF, only helps the community thrive and when Evanston thrives, we all benefit. Giving local is one of our core values, and helping our neighbors every step of the way. Supporting ECF is simply one more way for us to demonstrate our commitment to Evanston.  

What similarities do you think Byline and ECF share?
As I think of what ECF does, in terms of providing nonprofit organizations with tools and resources they need to build their capacity, our bank actually shares that goal. As a community bank, we are providing small businesses with services like commercial banking needs, financing and cash management services, to help them build their capacity. When you stop and think about it, I think ECF and Byline are both in the business of helping organizations, and businesses alike, succeed.  

What does community mean to Byline?
Giving back to the communities you serve is something I wholeheartedly believe in, and I am proud to represent a company that lives out that belief every day. We believe the role of a community bank should be to meaningfully support our local neighborhoods – which includes families, small businesses and nonprofits. As a financial institution, we can consider ourselves successful if we’ve made our communities stronger because we existed.   

What other ways does Byline give back?
Like ECF, we provide grants to local organizations making an impact in the community. We support many community causes, ranging from education in financial literacy, to health and family services. Community engagement and support is the foundation of our success, and we’re committed to helping the local communities in which we live and work to grow and thrive—today and into the future.

Not only do we contribute monetarily, we also support organizations through donating employee time. Over the last year, our employees have participated in 350 charitable events, which translates into more than 3,500 hours. That equates to about one full day of time per employee actively participating toward community development. Some of the community service includes leading financial education programs geared towards seniors who are oftentimes the victim of phone or email fraud and scams. There are many ways in which Byline, and our employees, can help support every member of our community. 

What legacy does Byline hope to create here in Evanston? 
I do not think of Byline being new to the community. In fact, when I think of how we serve the community very little has changed. We are still the same group of employees serving in the same or similar roles. The name may sound fresher, but it is the same organization with the same relationships that have been working together for the last 25 years. Continuity. We have been there before and now with more resources, we can continue to be active in the community and be a good neighbor. That’s our legacy. Being a good neighbor.