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This video premiered after the 2020 Grant Awards Celebration & Annual Meeting concluded. 


Download the Grant Awards Program listing our grant investments.

shifting gears

2020 is a different year for ECF's grantmaking. In mid-March, when the shutdown started, our board and staff moved quickly and strategically to respond to the challenges our community faced.

Within a week, ECF's board created the Evanston Community Rapid Response Fund (ECRRF) with an initial $100,000 from ECF's endowment. To date, our community has generously contributed over $2.7 million to that Fund.

Also within a week, we released restrictions on current grants, suspended our regular responsive and rolling grants cycles, and began to create a plan for how to best use the ECRRF in Evanston, focusing on relief, recovery, and rebuilding. We issued the first grants from the Fund on March 23.

As of July 15, ECF has made grants of over $2.5 million into the community. We continue to issue grants almost weekly, based on what we learn from nonprofits and community members. Our work to help nonprofits build capacity through our root2fruit, Building the Future, Leadership Evanston, and Building Equitable Institutions programs continues as well.

2020 grant cycles

All of this work is rooted in ECF's commitment to equity, collaboration, and a thriving nonprofit community. And in the incredible network of nonprofits, businesses, institutions, and individuals who work tirelessly to make Evanston better. We celebrate our community partners through this Grant Awards event.

buiding equity

Evanston Community Rapid Response Fund: Strategic Grants: Immediate Needs: Relief

Areas addressed: children and families, early childhood, food and supplies relief, housing, seniors, undocumented residents

Evanston Community Rapid Response Fund: Strategic Grants: Immediate Needs: Recover

Areas addressed: early childhood, transition to adult life, building equitable institutions

building enduring collaborations

Evanston Rapid Response Fund: Strategic Grants: Collective and Enduring Initiatives

supporting a thriving nonprofit community

Evanston Community Rapid Response Grants: Operating Grants

root2fruit 2020

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Building the Future

Partners for the Future