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thank you nudm 2016!

As NUDM's secondary beneficiary for the 19th year, ECF received $102,228 in the final hours of dance marathon weekend.

NUDM has awarded ECF more than $1 million since 1998, making NUDM one of the Foundation's top four donors.


ecf and nudm partnership

The partnership between ECF and NUDM extends beyond the money. This year's NUDM Community Engagement committee, with an emphasis on community outreach, organized opportunities for Northwestern Students to volunteer at ECF grantee organizations last November, and the NUDM Executive Commitee Co-Chairs serve on ECF's grants committee providing a valuable perspective to the grants review process. Read about the partnership and ECF's presence at NUDM 2016.

thank you nudm!

ECF president and CEO Monique Brunson Jones noted in her kickoff speech at the beginning of DM that due to the state budget stalemate, Evanston nonprofits dependent on government funding were especially in need of help from ECF and, by extension, DM. “We are committed to be here for everyone in Evanston,” Jones said. “We’re focused on the whole community, every individual, every family and every neighborhood. … (Your) money started a great big conversation.”

Shortly after midnight, in the early hours of Sunday morning, Monique Brunson Jones with ECF's board president Mike Brody, accepted the award check from NUDM as the secondary beneficiary for the 19th year.

Brunson Jones and Broday NUDM 2016

highlights of ecf at nudm


ECF President and CEO Monique Brunson Jones addressed the crowd at the NUDM kickoff event, Friday March 4.


ECF staff and board members at the marathon festivities.

moran_at_nudm_2016.jpgKathy Lyons, Executive Director of the Moran Center, an ECF grantee, takes the stage with ECF's president and ceo Monique Brunson Jones, former ECF board chair Eleanor Revelle, and Marybeth Schroeder, ECF's vice president for programs.

community events

As in past years, the community was invited to participate in the NUDM 5k/10k race and to attend the Saturday afternoon kids faire.

in the media

Read Monique Brunson Jone's interview with North by Northwestern after NUDM Block 6, as well as other coverage of NUDM featuring ECF.