remarkable 20th year

At 1am on March 5, NUDM presented a check to ECF for $109,314, the largest in the 20 year history as NUDM's secondary beneficiary.

ECF staff and board, and representatives from ECF grantee organizations joined in the 30 hour marathon action starting on Friday evening, March 3.

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ECF President and CEO, Monique B. Jones with board president Mike Brody (L) and board vice-chair Diana Cohen (R).



30 hour marathon

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At the dance marathon kick-off, Monique B. Jones, with ECF staff and board treasurer Bill Blanchard cheered on the crowd. NUDM co-chairs Ian Pappas and Jenny Halpern look on with Gigi, namesake of Gigi's Playhouse, the primary beneficiary.

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Ian Pappas and Jenny Halpern on stage with Monique B. Jones, minutes after they announced the record-breaking marathon totals and presented the check to ECF.

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Betty Bogg, Connections for the Homeless executive director, in the bight yellow lights to bring in the sunshine on Saturday 6am to start Block 4. She spoke to the crowd as an ECF grant recipient, benefiting from NUDM's contributions to ECF's grantmaking.

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Later in the day, Center for Independent Future's (CIF) executive director Anne Sickon took the stage with CIF participant Avi Lesser to speak about inclusion of people with disabilities.

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Last year's NUDM co-chairs, Kevin Harris and Arielle Miller, with Marybeth Schroeder and Monique B. Jones.

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ECF board chair Mike Brody cheering on the dancrs with ECF vice-chair Diana Cohen, during the last hour of the marathon.