nudm 2018 highlights

ECF is proud to be the secondary beneficiary of NUDM for over 20 years. Thanks to this on-going partnership, ECF has extended its reach through grantmaking and programs that serve nonprofits and help them grow.

NUDM has awarded ECF over $1.2 million over the years, making NUDM one of the Foundation’s top four donors. Those funds are invested in the grants and programs of ECF, and annually the NUDM co-chairs serve as part of the ECF responsive grants committee.

grow together

NUDM 2018 was particularly special with its theme of Grow Together. The primary beneficiary, Cradles to Crayons, distributes clothing, books, and toys to children who need them through partnerships with social service organizations and schools. ECF and Cradles to Crayons partnered to bring these resources to Evanston, the first community outside of the City of Chicago to benefit. Early childhood organizations are now Cradles to Crayons partners, including Reba Early Learning Center, Learning Bridge Early Learning Center, Infant Welfare Society of Evanston, and McGaw YMCA Early Childhood Center.


ECF staff, board, and representatives of grantee organizations cheered the dancers, and took the stage at various times throughout the thirty-hour marathon to cheer on the dancers and show appreciation for NUDM's on-going partnership with ECF.

2018 NUDM P2000834-900x400-NUDM-Reveal.jpg

ECF President and CEO Monique Jones spoke at the kickoff about the incredible impact NUDM has had on Evanston through the on-going partnership with ECF. Photo by Justin Barbin / NUDM.

The energy in the room builds for the marathon to begin. Photo by ECF staff.

Mudlark's Michael Miro thanks NUDM for being a grantmaking partner at ECF, and all the ways Mudlark has grown as an organization thanks to programs and grants it's received from ECF. Photo by Justin Barbin / NUDM.

Reba Early Learning Center's executive director Bettye Cohns spoke about their new partnership with Cradles to Crayons, which developed through the relationship among Cradles to Crayons, ECF, and NUDM. Photo by Justin Barbin / NUDM.

ECF staff and board members cheered with the crowd as the totals were revealed to all the dancers after midnight. Photo by ECF staff.

NUDM 2018 Executive Co-chairs Jamie Newman and Daniel Nussbaum present Monique Jones with a $104,759.80 check to ECF. Photo by Mega Dafiaghor / Northwestern

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