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Your Voice, Your Vote!

MBJ_3-24.JPGIn today’s world it’s important to remember that you have a voice. Do you use yours often enough? I ask this question for several reasons. Are you holding back in taking a stand or position for fear of how it may be received by the world around you? If we’ve learned nothing else from our world leaders, it’s that they take stands, and they use their voices. I want you to use yours.

I am a member of Generation X. I wasn’t born during the beginning of the Civil Rights era. I missed the first wave of feminism, and I’m too young to clearly remember the second wave. This fight today is mine to have. I’ve made it a purposeful use of my time and energy to equip myself with the right tools to move forward — from reading the Constitution (something that had collected dust since junior high school) to reviewing how our national and local legislation process actually works – from knowing who my local legislators are to understanding the power I have as a constituent. I am using my voice. I complain and I offer suggestions. I want you to do the same.

Having an election process assumes that elected leaders will speak for the entire constituency. It assumes that a space for your voice will always exist. In broken times we assume that democracy will have a system of checks and balances. We can’t take this system for granted. We must continue to use them. We the people are the real checks and balances. We are the voice. We are the vote, even during non-election season.

Locally, a new mayor, council members and school board members will be elected in early April. They will have the grand duty of representing what is best for all of Evanston. Your voice is needed now before the election and well through the work. Please stay engaged. Using your voice all the time, every time is valuable. Don’t assume the local system will represent your interests and priorities. Don’t wait for an invitation. Go to the table. Make a place for yourself. Use your voice. Vote.

Be Empowered!

March 28