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Empowered Evanston
Spring is here!

MBJ_May2017blog.jpgThis is the time of year when new ideas spring into action with fresh energy. With this note I’m happy to introduce ECF’s new methods of serving the community and communicating with you.

In alignment with two of our principles: we listen first and we focus on equity, our new rolling grants program opens the door to organizations or groups that may not be served by ECF’s responsive grants. With rolling grants, organizations are able to apply for funds on their timeline, not ours. Additionally, the grants criteria invite organizations to pilot ideas and to focus on areas that would not otherwise be funded. Rolling grants is an iterative pilot for us as well, with our flexibility to adapt our methods for responding to the community as needs change. Applications are open now!

Another fresh take you’ll see from ECF is our exciting digital annual report featuring the voices and stories of people who know ECF best. In the videos you can see and hear the commitment that ECF sustains through your investments in us. Please share our annual report with your network, your friends and family, and people who want to know what good things are happening here. With a simple click of the forward button you can share your love for Evanston with your circle. Printed copies of the annual report are still available in our office.  I’d love to hear what you think about this new digital annual report. Send me an email about it.

Congratulations to the new City of Evanston mayor, the new and re-elected city council members, and the District 202 and District 65 board members and officers.  We are excited for all that you will work to accomplish for the city and our schools, and we look forward to our continuing collaborations with you.

As this thoughtful season of change and renewal grows, the ECF team is diligently working on ways to engage with our community, nonprofit organizations, businesses and residents alike. We bear the balance of being responsive AND strategic. As I’ve stated before, ECF stands ready to be a thought partner, a leader when we should be, a collaborator, an investor, a facilitator and most importantly a convener to grow our impact. ECF is Evanston’s greatest cheerleader, not for one group, neighborhood or issue – but for all of Evanston.

May 16