Now is the time to deepen our commitment to making honest change in our community. As Evanston continues to    

recover from the depths of Covid19, ECF is laser-focused on addressing the inequities laid bare by the pandemic.

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Connections has kept their doors open since the beginning of the pandemic to accommodate more than 3,500 visits by neighbors in need of access to food, showers, bathrooms and other resources.

building equity

Connections for the Homeless works to end homelessness one person at a time. The challenge is great with more than 1,000 Evanston residents without permanent housing on a daily basis.

When Covid struck the community back in March, the number of people who were homeless or in danger of losing their housing was bound to increase.  

a bold response

Connections staff and board leadership has been bold in their response – housing 180 people in hotels, doubling their staff in order to support those individuals and work to find permanent housing, and working with individuals and families to prevent evictions.

ECF has been Connections partner from the very beginning of this challenge, providing immediate needs relief grants that have supported hotel and staff costs, supporting $175,000 in rental assistance, and investing four operating grants in the organization.

“We decided we must keep going, but in order to do so, we needed to change our approach to everything,” said Betty Boggs, Executive Director, Connections for the Homeless. “The degree of responsiveness from the Foundation during this time was really remarkable. Knowing that the Foundation had our back in that moment was instrumental in our ability to continue operating and serving our residents. We are so grateful that we received operating grants that have helped us serve our residents during this crazy time.”