Tasha Deutsch

making change happen
in Evanston

Creating the Foundation and building the endowment was Tasha Deutsch's way of addressing Evanston's unmet needs.

“Years ago Tasha said to me, 'when you talk at my memorial service, say that the thing I was proudest of was starting the Evanston Community Foundation,” said Jessie Feldman of longtime friend Tasha Deutsch.

community champion

A new fund at the Foundation honors the memory of one of its earliest and most committed champions: Tasha (Natasha) Deutsch. Tasha knew how to make change happen. While chair of the United Way in the 1980s, Deutsch began seeking ways to respond to changing needs. “Gangs were becoming a real problem,” said Tasha Deutsch in a 2010 interview. “Nobody could devote much time to the issue. That was exactly the thing we were anxious to tackle: Unmet needs. At first it was hard explaining that we were building an endowment as opposed to making grants immediately—even my own husband was skeptical. But eventually people understood and made gifts. We wanted to see some new ideas, and were willing to take some risks.”

the Natasha S. Deutsch Fund 

When Deutsch passed away in January of 2012, her family requested that memorial donations go to the Foundation. The Foundation responded by establishing the Natasha S. Deutsch Fund. Deutsch herself left $100,000 in her will, the Foundation's largest bequest yet. The Natasha S. Deutsch Fund honors her lifetime of community service, and is unrestricted, so it can support changing community needs over time. Just as Tasha wanted.