Now is the time to deepen our commitment to making honest change in our community. As Evanston continues to    

recover from the depths of Covid19, ECF is laser-focused on addressing the inequities laid bare by the pandemic.

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Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse has a workforce training program for those who are ready to learn new skills and increase their earning potential and land a job in the building trade.

sustainable organization

The Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse has a dual mission working to reduce waste in landfill and providing workforce training. 

Through participation in ECF programs ERW has expanded and grown as an organization.

beyond "getting off the ground"

ERW works to reduce waste in landfill through providing sustainable deconstruction services and reusing materials, which are sold in ERW’s warehouse. They also work to reclaim lives by providing workforce training to young people and individuals who have barriers to employment.  

When it was founded, ERW was selected for the root2fruit program, which helped the organization grow. During the COVID crisis, they’ve received a immediate needs recovery grant to support workforce training for young people who are struggling in the difficult job market.

Despite COVID-19, ERW is growing and moving shortly into a much bigger warehouse. This expansion and their ongoing sustainability are supported in part by their participation in ECF’s Building the Future program, a matching major gift challenge.

Aina Gutierrez, Executive Director of ERW said, “We started with an ECF grant and it provided us the financial resources to help us get off the ground. The foundation has helped us every step of the way.”