unrestricted endowments—
resources for whatever lies ahead

Thousands of small and large gifts to the Fund for Evanston have made these flexible funds the heart of our Foundation.

As new needs and priorities emerge, these funds will give boards of the future the resources to respond.

make a difference now and into the distant future

Giving to our unrestricted endowment places your resources in good hands for the long term. And because we pool many gifts, you participate in big projects that will have an impact for years even if your own contribution is small. 

the Fund for Evanston

That’s the name we’ve given to the original fund, the unrestricted endowment of ECF. It supports our grantmaking in every area and making your gift to the Fund for Evanston is easy to do. Thousands of small and large gifts since 1987 have experienced great growth. Learn more about the power of endowment

With a gift of $10,000 or more, you can name a fund within this larger fund; it will be acknowledged in Foundation publications and you may choose to receive periodic reports. Named funds include:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Anderson Fund
  • Natasha S. Deutsch Fund
  • Evanston Realtors Fund with contributing funds from George Cyrus Memorial Fund
  • Evanston United Way Fund
  • Martha and Don Farley Fund  
  • Rees-Servillo/Jan Heffernan Memorial Dinner Fund
  • Jeffrey M. Schoenberg Honorary Fund

the Foundation Fund

Providing for Foundation operations, this fund reduces our reliance on annual fundraising and helps preserve Fund for Evanston distributions for grants and ECF initiatives. This fund includes:

  • Jim Kogen Foundation Spirit Fund
  • Gene Lavengood Fund
  • Sara Schastok Fund