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organization endowments
sustain nonprofits

The Evanston Community Foundation provides a home for permanent funds established by other nonprofit organizations as a way of providing for their own long-term sustainability. 

Organizational endowments return annual distributions to the organization while the principal grows over time. Any nonprofit can enjoy the benefit of ECF's investment policies and practices for bequest gifts or other funds set aside for long-term investment. Annual distributions from an endowment are a way to diversify a nonprofit's sources of revenue.

why it makes sense

Endowments are at the heart of our mission, making ECF a responsible choice for many nonprofit organizations. The Foundation has an impressive track record through over 30 years of investing experience, making us a good partner for organizations of any size. Because all funds are commingled for investment, ECF offers diversification of risk within a well-balanced, $37 million portfolio. Rigorous attention to benchmarks and the close monitoring of funds, whether your assets are $25,000 or $2.5 million, are advantages we offer. As of early 2022, the Foundation currently manages $8.1 million in organizational endowments for twenty-five organizations, held in 41 funds. Learn how we invest wisely.

supporting an organization

Contributing to an organization’s existing endowment at ECF is a way for individuals to invest — at any level — in that organization’s future. If you’re interested in establishing a new fund to benefit a specific organization, see donor designated funds.

current organizational endowments at ECF

Center for Independent Futures Fund  Forms innovative partnerships to create product and service models that give adults with disabilities and their families the skills and opportunities to realize a full life.

Center for Women's History and Leadership Fund  Preserves and interprets the Frances Willard House Museum and its historic collections to promote vibrant discussion of Willard's life and her work on behalf of women, temperance and human rights.

Warren 'Billy' Cherry Scholarship Fund Supports the scholarship program of the same name, in memory of Warren W. Cherry, a beloved and respected Evanston educator and community leader. The program offers awards to ETHS graduates for the pursuit of degrees in education or youth work.

Chessmen Legacy Fund Established in memory of Morris Barefield and Charles Thomas to support Evanston youth and elderly.

Chessmen Club Scholarship Fund

  • William & Marcia Logan Family Scholarship Fund honors William Logan, Chessmen co-founder and president emeritus, his family, and their commitment to our communtiy of Evanston and the work of the Chessmen.

Chicago Zen Center Fund Supports the mission and programming of the Center.

ETHS Educational Foundation Fund  Distributes funds to Evanston Township High School in order to complement, enhance and enrich, beyond the means of conventional public funding, opportunities that further the educational mission of ETHS. Includes the component funds:

  • Winifred Guthrie Anderson Early Childhood Education Award Annual award for senior who excelled in early childhood education coursework at ETHS.
  • Oliver Baty Cunningham Memorial Prize Fund  Annual award for Outstanding ETHS Senior Male.
  • David B. Fodor Musician Residency Program Fund  Supports annual artist-in-residency program at ETHS.
  • Richard A. Giesen Memorial Scholarship Fund  Annual scholarship award for graduating senior who has been granted admission to Norhwestern University and plans to study business or finance.
  • Margaret Gunn Scholarship Endowment at ETHS  Annual awards in memory of Margaret Gunn, class of 1945.
  • William and Stella (Levas) Ketter Scholarship Fund Supports annual scholarship to a graduating ETHS senior based on financial need and academic achievement.
  • Jannette E. Lee Memorial Award Fund Supports three annual awards for graduating ETHS seniors who have been consistent, supportive members of academic and extracurricular organizations in addition to maintaining strong academic records.
  • Joseph and Linnie Lee Moragne Memorial Scholarship Fund  Annual awards for African-American ETHS graduates demonstrating high achievement and leadership.
  • Sydney M. Pond Vocational Education Fund  Distributions will be used to enrich the educational experience of students enrolled in Career and Technical Education courses and programs at ETHS.
  • Jack Rakove Award Fund Supports the Jack Rakove History Award presented annually to a senior student who demonstrated growth and improvement in history, honoring 1964 alumnus Jack Rakove.
  • Ron Sellke Mathematics and Citizenship Lecture Series FundSupports annual lecture presented by a renowned mathematician to ETHS students and the Evanston community.
  • Unterman Fund for ETHS  Supports the educational experience of needy students of good character and academic ability.
  • Barry Zwick Football Scholarship Fund  Annual scholarship award for at least one graduating senior who participated in the football program.

Evanston Environmental Assocation Fund  Program and operating support for the Evanston Environmental Association.

Evanston Environmental Education Fund  Advances environmental awareness and promotes environmental stewardship in Evanston through the Evanston Environmental Association.

Evanston Fourth of July Association Fund Supports family-oriented entertainment events on the 4th of July and throughout the summer.

Evanston History Center Joan Barr Smith Endowment for Women's History Honors former Evanston mayor Joan Barr Smith and the many other women who have served as leaders in Evanston and supports the work of the Evanston Women's History Project at the Evanston History Center.

Evanston Reparations Community Fund  a special project fund. Benefits Evanston’s Black community, to heal racism and address harm caused by discriminatory practices. It will support the efforts of the Reparations Stakeholders Authority (RSA), as it raises funds, develops grant processes, and administers grants to advance Evanston Reparations. A key objective is to ensure funding is available for reparations once the City of Evanston’s tax revenues for reparations are no longer available. The Fund has two components: an action fund will support reparations efforts in coming years, while a permanent fund, invested for long-term growth, is building to a sustainable level.  No grants will be issued from the permanent portion until it reaches $1 million, to sustain reparations work in Evanston long into the future  The Fund will not hold any of the City of Evanston tax dollars, nor will it be involved in the administration of the City’s distributions for reparations. 

Evanston Symphony Orchestra Association Fund  Delivers quality, affordable, accessible classical music to the community.

Fund for Evanston Trees  a non-endowed organizational fund sponsored by Citizens' Greener Evanston. The Fund was established, and its primary purpose is to demonstrate our community support for city elm trees on parkways, in parks and on other public lands. The Fund may support more broadly focused efforts for the care and maintenance of trees and green spaces throughout Evansotn (public or private). Environmental justice for underserved neighborhoods and alignment with the CIty Climate Action and Resilience Plan ("CARP") will guide Fund spending decisions. 

Grady Bird Sanctuary Fund for the Evanston Environmental Association  Supports repair and maintenance of the Association's bird sanctuary.

Literature for All of Us Fund  Encourages literature appreciation in youth.

North End Mothers' Club Fund Benefits the children of Evanston by promoting and advancing educational, charitable, civic, health, and welfare activities in the community.

North Shore Village Fund  Benefits a network of services enabling seniors to live independently in their homes as vital members of the community.

Roycemore School Endowment Fund Provides support for faculty and program-related projects. Includes:

  • Eisner Endowment for Roycemore School

Second Baptist Church Ione S. Brown Scholarship Fund Provides scholarships to qualified members of Second Baptist Church who participate regularly n an organization, youth activity or worship services at Second Baptist.

Shorefront Legacy Fund • Supports the Shorefront Legacy Center operations and ongoing programming for a one of a kind archive and library that documents the history and activities of the African American communities in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

Youth Job Center Endowed Fund  Supports employment-related services for disadvantaged and at-risk youth.