ECRRF_100x62.pngAnnouncing the Evanston Community Rapid Response Fund – created to support Evanston’s nonprofits impacted by COVID 19. Click here to learn more about how you can support our community in this time of need.

the power of endowment

Endowments are permanent funds designed to grow over time through contributions and market returns, all the while generating annual distributions for grants and programs.

endowment (én-dou’ment) n.
an asset donated to a nonprofit organization that is invested and produces perpetual income

Whether a fund's spending is directed by our board, under the advisement of a donor, or designated for a specific organization, all endowed funds are a resource for Evanston's present and future. 


endowments grow while they give back

Because the annual spending — historically 5% of a fund's average value over three years — is less than long-term investment results, endowments grow while they give back. The numbers tell the story: based on actual results, a gift of $100,000 in 1988 would have funded grants of $297,647 by the end of 2016. AND, it would have left in place $273,799 as a reservoir for Evanston’s future.



a gift to endowment is here for good

Whether $100 or $1,000,000, a gift to endowment is here for good, part of the ongoing life of ECF as a force for positive change.