forever! funds - the power of endowment

Endowments are permanent funds designed to grow over time through contributions and market returns, all the while generating annual distributions for grants and programs.

endowment (én-dou’ment) n.
an asset donated to a nonprofit organization that is invested and produces perpetual income

Whether a fund's spending is directed by our board, under the advisement of a donor, or designated for a specific organization, all endowed funds are a resource for Evanston's present and future. 


endowments grow while they give back

Because the annual spending — historically 5% of a fund's average value over three years — is less than long-term investment results, endowments grow while they give back. The numbers tell the story: based on actual results, a gift of $100,000 in 1988 would have funded grants of $337,713 by the end of 2019. AND, it would have left in place $283,859 as a reservoir for Evanston’s future.






a gift to endowment is here for good

Whether $100 or $1,000,000, a gift to endowment is here for good, part of the ongoing life of ECF as a force for positive change.