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a best way to give?

We encourage you to think, as we do, about the long-term project of growing resources for the Evanston of years from now, while supporting Evanston’s needs now. Both are important.

make a difference now

Gifts that support the full range of Foundation programs, grants and operations through our Now! Fund empower us to do more now than would be possible if we relied solely on endowment.

employer matching programs

Providing a corporate gift is a great way to highlight your commitment to the Evanston community and share goodwill. If your employer matches gifts, please consider contacting your employer's human resources department to request a match to your Now! Fund donation. Gifts are often matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling the impact of your gift. To find out if your employer has a matching program, use the search function on the Charity Navigator website. Contact Rebecca Parmet, our Vice President of Development, to learn about participating as a year-long NOW! Fund Corporate Partner.

build for the long term

Giving to endowment builds Evanston’s resource base to meet its future needs, whatever these may be in ten, or in twenty years. You may be surprised to learn how a gift you make today can address today’s issues but still grow to meet future needs. Learn more about the Forever! Funds, and about funds to meet more specific goals and interests. 

leave a legacy for the community you call home, or ensure the life of your cause

Future gifts made through estate plans or as part of a financial plan can offer tax-wise benefits along with the satisfaction of knowing you are providing for causes you care about. These planned giving gifts make you eligible to join our Legacy Society.

honor what matters to you

You can celebrate or memorialize a loved one or a special occasion with a gift of any size to any established fund. Learn more about honorary and memorial giving. And you can start a new fund to recognize a person or cause you care about and/or to achieve your philanthropic goals. You might prefer a fund that will

become a grantmaking partner

Do you have a private foundation or a donor advised fund? Would you like to broaden your giving horizons without the burden of receiving unsolicited proposals? Learn about grantmaking partners and special partnerships in support of strategic initiatives.