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we strive for impact

Giving to ECF covers your interests. We make strategic investments in arts, housing, senior services, at-risk youth, early childhood, economic empowerment, leadership and many other areas. 

our vision is broad, our focus long term

Evanston faces multi-dimensional challenges. Proposed solutions must be, too. We are a reliable and growing resource responding to Evanston's evolving challenges. Our perspective goes beyond immediate needs; we see the big picture and pathways to change. 

local nonprofits come to us with great ideas

  Giving to the Foundation strengthens Evanston’s entire, beautiful and complicated fabric.

We embrace those likely to have a significant, sustained, and positive effect on lives in Evanston. Our grants processes ensure accountability and our grantmaking reaches many corners of Evanston. We support organizations poised for healthy growth — helping them transform to serve more people, more effectively. 

our resources are more than money

We draw on staff experience to add value to the grants we make, and introduce outside expertise when it's needed to tackle community challenges. We routinely provide counsel to nonprofits on issues ranging from board development to building endowments.

we look for connections

The community benefits from our role as a knowledge base for those working to make Evanston a better place. We develop community leaders and we’re often the catalyst bringing the right partners to the table to tackle a critical issue. We look for connections — among people, issues, organizations, opportunities.