JN092-100x100.jpg  Thank you to all the donors who gave to ECF in 2017 to create a vibrant, just and inclusive community.

We’re all about Evanston, with a broad focus and a long-term vision. Now and tomorrow, we’re improving lives by investing in Evanston’s most effective organizations and acting as a catalyst to bring the community’s best ideas to life.

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to your charitable giving, with knowledge and expertise that help your resources go farther.
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making wise use of your gifts through sound management and investment practices.
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philanthropy in action

ECF awarded 26 Responsive grants in May 2017. We’ve come a long way since 1987 when we awarded $30,000 to 15 organizations.

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Your clients can improve the lives of others while making wise financial choices for themselves and their families. Let us be a resource to you.

The Evanston Community Foundation gratefully accepts contributions from donors wherever they may be located; however, no information presented on this site is intended as a solicitation of contributions from persons outside Illinois. Our mission is to help Evanston thrive now and forever as a vibrant, inclusive and just community, and our fundraising efforts focus on Illinois residents.