community catalyst grants

These discretionary grants address community needs as they arise, as well as advance strategic initiatives throughout the year.

The 2013 inception of the Community Catalyst grants gives ECF a new way to invest in opportunities that can make Evanston stronger.

responding to community needs

Marybeth Schroeder, vice president for programs at ECF said, "With these Community Catalyst grants, established in 2013, the Foundation has the capacity to respond to needs that come up between grant cycles. Since then, these grants have supported organizations addressing emergency needs, unique arts opportunities, educational outreach, and updates to systems and facilities utilized by organizations' clients."

grants awarded

A full listing of all of the Community Catalyst grants can be searched and viewed on the Grantmaking History page.

partners and funders

Community Catalyst grants are funded each year through Northwestern University's Dance Marathon's (NUDM) partnership with ECF, and are increased through other ECF grantmaking partnerships.