ENDOW Now (Evanston Nonprofits Develop Organizational Wealth Now)
provided the opportunity for up to two organizations annually to create an endowment fund at the Evanston Community Foundation with a $5000, 1:3 match from the Foundation.

five funds established

The ENDOW Now grant project, created from our 25th anniversary celebration, awarded the final $5000 match in 2016. FIve organizations utilized the match in establishing new organizational endowment funds at the Foundation.

establishing an endowment

ECF encourages local organizations to explore creating endowment funds because:

  • Endowments build long-term sustainability for nonprofit organizations.
  • Endowments provide a growing stream of revenue for nonprofit organizations over good economic times and bad.
  • Endowments held at the Evanston Community Foundation participate in the Foundation’s over $16 million investment pool, providing organizations with access to diversified investment vehicles and strategies typically beyond the reach of smaller investors.