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rolling grants guidelines

Applications may be submitted anytime for review on a quarterly basis.

application process

Applicants must submit proposals through GLM. After creating an account, you may preview the application, download materials and more. For a print summary, download the RFP.

If you need access to a computer or assistance submitting the application online, please contact our office: 847-492-0990.

rolling funds questions

The following questions are included in the GLM online application.


1. What is your organization/group’s mission and scope of work in Evanston?
2. Project Description: For what are you seeking funding?
3. How will this project be implemented and what is the timetable?
4. What will indicate a successful outcome?

PROGRAM GRANT requests only

5. Why are you undertaking this specific program? What impact in Evanston do you hope to realize?
6. Who will be served by your program? How many are Evanston residents?
7. How will you reach your intended audience and/or recruit participants? How will you strive to ensure access and break down barriers of participation in Evanston?
8. If you are collaborating with other groups, please explain the collaboration and the responsibilities of each partner and attach a letter of support.


5. How will this grant help develop your organization?
6. Why is this project important at this time?
7. With this increase in capacity, how will your organization be positioned to better serve Evanston?
8. If this is a project that will be undertaken by a consultant or firm, what was/will be your selection process? If already selected, please give an overview of the provider. If not yet selected, please explain how you arrived at the proposal request amount.

project budget

Download the Rolling Grants Budget Template. A thoughtfully prepared budget demonstrates you have considered all the costs associated with the request, as well as the resources needed to ensure the project’s success. To view a sample project budget, click here.