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letter of inquiry

How to apply — the first step is to submit a brief Letter of Inquiry. After a review, selected organizations will be invited to submit a full proposal.

For related information see: grants philosophy and process, grantee responsibilities, Responsive Grants overview, and grant cycle overview.

types of grants

Capacity building: organizational initiatives that focus on building infrastructure to support an organization’s long-term growth and development to better fulfill its mission (e.g. strategic plans, board development, staff development, technology upgrades, revenue-generating staff positions).

Program: continuing improvements to proven programs or projects that strengthen an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and show long-term impact, new initiatives, pilot projects, bridge funding, and capstone funding. We encourage collaboration.

to submit

Submit your responses and documents on eGrant by January 16, 2018. Download the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) document  or review all documents and deadlines.

1.    What is your organization/group’s mission and scope of work?
2.    Project Description (If existing program, include how this qualifies as a program enhancement).
3.    The Evanston Community Foundation is committed to an Evanston that is equitable for all residents. We expect our grantees to share in this commitment. Please answer the following:
   a. Does your organization or group have a written diversity/equal opportunity policy? If yes, please attach. What year was the policy adopted? What year was the policy last amended?
   b. How does your organization’s leadership reflect the demographics of the community you serve to ensure diverse perspectives needed at decision-making levels? You may provide a rationale or action plan with steps toward diversity.
   c. Do you collect demographic information of constituents? If so, how? If not, what are the barriers to doing this?
   d. What progress have you made in the past year, pertaining to the above questions?
4.    Please attach:
   a. Project Budget (see template)
   b. Current Fiscal Year-to-Date Budget to Actual, and Prior Fiscal Year Budget to Actual
   c. Page 1 of two most recent 990s
   d. Optional: a brief budget narrative to address any significant variances

5.    How will this grant help develop your organization?
6.    With this increase in capacity, how will your organization be positioned to better serve Evanston?

LETTER OF INQUIRY: PROGRAM grant requests only
5.    Why are you undertaking this specific program? What impact in Evanston do you hope to realize?
6.    Who will be served by your program? How many are Evanston residents?
7.    How will you strive to ensure access and break down barriers of participation in Evanston?