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root2fruit guidelines

root2fruit's purpose is to build organizational capacity toward long-term sustainability. It is an initiative for small to mid-sized organizations located in Evanston and/or providing significant services to Evanston residents.

Please note that root2fruit grants support organizational capacity and are not given for specific projects.The 2018-2019 application process will begin in late fall, 2018.

application requirements

Applicants must describe their organization and how the grant money would be used to strengthen the organization. Newer organizations explain the grant idea and how it was conceived; older organizations explain their history and the need for capacity building. Applicants also need to outline plans for sustainability after root2fruit funding ends. Proposals envisioning specific program related projects will not be funded through root2fruit.

The application typically includes questions such as:

  • Tell us briefly about your organization.
  • What is the need or challenge your organization is designed to meet?
  • Why is this need or challenge important?
  • What assets, if any, already exist in Evanston to meet this need or challenge?
  • If your organization is relatively young, what have you done so far to get your idea off the ground (funders, collaborations, staff board, etc.)?
  • What percent of your board makes a monetary charitable contribution?
  • What is the cumulative total of board charitable contributions?
  • If your organization has been established for a while, describe your goals and activities.
  • How would this renewable grant be put to use to develop your organization over three years?
  • What staff and board resources does your organization currently have? What staff and board resources need to be developed?
  • How will you sustain your organization after the three year root2fruit funding ends?

Applicants are also required to upload to eGrant:

  • Roster of Board of Directors, including name, address, phone number and affiliations.
  • Organization’s current annual budget, including your revenue sources.
  • Current statement comparing actual operating to budget.
  • If not a registered 501(c)3, provide a letter from your fiscal sponsor which confirms their support of your organization.