leadership skills training

Over ten months, experts from local universities and the community present different leadership skills. Hands-on activities give the class opportunities to practice leadership skills.  

From last year's Leadership class — exploring Evanston, group collaborations, project presentations.

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learning skills and putting them to use

  • Foundations of Leadership: an emeritus professor of the Northwestern Leadership program builds a theoretical base to begin the development of community leadership skills.
  • Effective Advocacy and Organizing: the Director of Training from the Midwest Academy, a regional leader in advocacy training, teaches tools for setting goals, motivating people and targeting decision makers, focused on current Evanston issues, real time.
  • Strategic Planning: local business leaders host participants to discuss the Evanston business landscape. Participants begin to understand how businesses and communities think about strategic planning.
  • Building Trust and Respect: experienced diversity trainers lead a variety of activities to help participants gain skills to build multi-cultural coalitions.
  • Interpersonal Communication: community members engage in one-on-one conversations with LE class members to discover the assets and challenges of various communities throughout the LE year.
  • Creative Problem-Solving: human service professionals come together to highlight creative ways to overcome challenges in various collaborations.
  • Conflict Resolution: a consultant leads a case study on conflict resolution, group process and a debriefing of their year-long project teams.  
  • Other skills: visioning, consensus building and public speaking.