snapshot Evanston

One-day fast track orientation to Evanston.

The Snapshot Evanston program gives local residents and Evanston-based employees a broader knowledge of the community and its assets and challenges. 

Snapshot will be on Thursday, October 25, from 8:30am - 3:00pm. Registration will open during the summer. Learn more about opportunities for custom tours.

in a day — introduction to Evanston

  • An overview of Evanston history.
  • A bus tour highlighting important trends and developments in Evanston.
  • Panel discussions with knowledgeable Evanston leaders.

An information-rich overview of Evanston for a wide-variety of attendees from newcomers to the community to longtime residents and employees. "Every business owner in Evanston should attend Snapshot," says Dick Peach, lifelong resident and business leader who found the program valuable.

do you know these places? what's in store for you?

The day will be facilitated by Leadership Evanston director Jennifer Moran, photographed around town at some of the stops on the tour.

JM-at-Water-plant.jpg JM-at-Raymond-Sign.jpg
JM-Rebuild-sign.jpg JM-at-Community-Garden.jpg


Snapshot is available in two formats:

Public Program. Snapshot is offered to the general public once a year.

¤Custom-Designed Sessions. Snapshot is available throughout the year as a custom-designed program for organizations, businesses, and institutions seeking to provide their members, volunteers or staff with community information and insight. Programs have been offered for the Woman's Club of Evanston board, Northwestern's Center for Civic Engagement, Kellogg School of Business students, and Mather Lifeways residents. To talk about a possible custom program email ECF staff.