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Evanston takes steps against gun violence

The Evanston gun buyback program utilizes resources from the Foundation's Buyback Fund to remove guns from our community.

2015 update

The Evanston Police Department’s Gun Buyback Program now operates on a daily basis in order to gain control of unwanted guns as quickly as possible. Citizens can call 3-1-1 to arrange for a member of the Problem Solving Team to finalize arrangements for transfer of a weapon to the department.

Through 2014, more than 70 guns have been acquired with the Buyback Fund.

Evanston Gun Buyback Fund is established

Our community grieved as another youth was lost to gun violence in September 2012. Following the fatal shooting of fourteen year old Dajae Colemen, Evanston residents and leaders came together seeking ways to support Evanston youth and prevent future violence.

In response, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl announced plans for a gun buyback program and asked the Foundation to to establish a Evanston Gun Buyback Fund to receive funds in support of the program. 

“There is no instant or single solution to the problem of gun violence, nor any way to undo the losses we have  already suffered. The Foundation has responded to the Mayor’s request for assistance in the hope that our community can decrease residents’ access to guns in moments of anger or fear and that we can demonstrate our shared resolve to prevent violence,” said Sara Schastok, President and CEO of the Evanston Community Foundation.

Generous contributions from Evanston residents, the Cherry Family Foundation, Evanston Northshore Hospital, ECF and Northwestern University added more than $20,000 to the fund. The community gunback program held by Evanston police in December 2012 collected 46 firearms. The Foundation will continue to collaborate with the City and committed residents to implement additional steps in support of Evanston youth and the prevention of gun violence.