joining together to define challenges and strategy

By listening deeply and building meaningful relationships with organizations, donors, and individual citizens, we discover ways to move forward together.

ECF draws upon its resources of people, expertise, and funds to explore key community challenges, understand community assets, and make strategic investments in Evanston.

we collaborate

When ECF's mission and goals align with other organizations and individuals, we join collaborative efforts as a partner, bringing our strength to initiatives.

we connect

When a donor or an organization has a great idea, we serve as a hub to find the right resources to get things moving toward a common goal.

we take on challenges

When there is a community challenge, we listen and propose solutions. Our support can take the form of piloting programs, building networks, and/or providing grant support.

we provide infrastructure

We serve as a fiscal sponsor to collaborative efforts, when they connect to our mission and strategic work.

we learn together

ECF is working with others to better understand the impact of climate change and how we can be part of solutions.