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presenters, partners, sponsors

During our 2020 – 2021 program year, Leadership Evanston was enriched through the generous support of businesses, organizations, and Evanston leaders. Community leaders presented and facilitated Leadership Evanston sessions. Leadership Evanston partnered with businesses. Numerous participants were sponsored by their employers.

speakers and facilitators

Leadership Evanston participants met and engaged with a wide variety of people making a difference in our community. Over the past few years, Leadership Evanston participants met, learned from these Evanston public, civic leaders, and business and organization leaders.

Devon Alexander, District 65

Nancy Bennett, Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse 

Daniel Biss, Mayor, City of Evanston

Kenneth Carter (LE XXIX), Evanston Police Department

Mary Collins (LE XXVII), Girls Play Sport  

Pamela Cytrynbaum (LE XXV), James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

Enjoli Daley (LE XXIV), Evanston Police Department

Dave Davis (LE XVI), Northwestern University

Leslie DeChurch, Northwestern University

Karen Demorest, Youth Job Center

Mercedes Fernandez (LE XXVIII), LENS (Latinos of the NorthShore)

Sarah Flax, City of Evanston

Steve Hagerty (LE XIII), former Mayor, City of Evanston

Kris Hartzell, Evanston History Center

Kim Holmes-Ross, Cradle to Career

Dr. Devon Horton, District 65

Kumar Jensen, City of Evanston

Patrick Keenan-Devlin (LE XVIII), James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

Kristen Kennard, James B. Moran Center

Katie Kleimola, City of Evanston 

Tom Lenz, Millenia Consulting

Sue Loellbach, Connections for the Homeless

Kathy Lyons, Center for Independent Futures

Kristin Meyer, City of Evanston

Ismalis Nuñez (LE XXIV), Anew Collective Consulting 

Kim Norberg, Evanston Public Library

Nathan Norman, City of Evanston

Ike Ogbo, City of Evanston


Andy Rapoport, City of Evanston 

Dino Robinson (LE X), Shorefront Legacy Center

Brian Rust, Evanston Police Department

Marybeth Schroeder, Evanston Community Foundation

Jill Skwerski (LE XXIII), Evanston Public Library

Sarita Smith, District 65

Tasha Triplett (LE XXV), Books & Breakfast

Clarence Weaver, C&W Market and Ice Cream Parlor

Bryant Wallace (LE XXVI), Evanston Market Place, WallScott Solutions 

Henry Wilkens, STEM School Evanston

Tosha Wilson (LE XXVIII), Evanston Police Department

Dr. Eric Witherspoon, Evanston Township High School


Numerous organizations provided food and meeting space to the program throughout the year.


Bagel Art

Bennison’s Bakery


Chicago Fire House Grill

Cross Rhodes

Curt’s Café

ETHS Catering 

Eurest Catering 

First Slice Pie Cafe


Jennifer’s Edibles

Kabul House

LaMacchina Café 


Olive Mountain 

Red Hot Chilli Pepper 

Supreme Burrito


Chicago Fire House Grill

Curt’s Café South

Erie Family Health Centers; Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center 

Evanston Art Center

Evanston Dance Studio, Studio Five

Evanston Friends Meeting House

Evanston Public Library

Evanston Township High School

First United Methodist Church 

Five & Dime

Fleetwood-Jourdain Dance Studio

Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center

Rotary International

Northwestern University

Temperance Beer Company

Vinic Wines

Youth & Opportunity United  


Ron Coulter

Jace Smith

818 Coworking

Agate Publishing

Bag Tags

Bramer Animal Hospital

Dream to Product/Solid Development Corp.

Hagerty Consulting


Kombucha Brava

Multilingual Connections

Nature Perspective Landscaping


employer sponsors

Leadership Evanston proudly partners with a wide variety of generous employers and organizations. By sponsoring participation in Leadership Evanston, organizations help their employees and volunteers build leadership and team skills useful in both community and work.Signature Program participants were sponsored for full or partial tuition in 2019 by these organizations.

Across the Table

Bon Event

Center for Financial Services Innovations            

Citizen's Greener Evanston

Dreamtown Realty

Evanston Art Center

Evanston Community Bank


Evanston Community Foundation

Evanston Latinos 

Evanston Scholars

Family Defense Center

First United Methodist Church


General Reinsurance

Impact Behavioral Health Partners 

Koi Fine Asian Cuisine 

Loyola University of Chicago

Metro Squash

Office of Laura Fine

Reef Environmental Education Foundation

Unity Church on the North Shore

 And, in recent years by these organizations:

Downtown Evanston

Evanston Chamber of Commerce

Evanston Police Department

Evanston Public Library

Evanston/Skokie District 65

Evanston Township High School

Family Focus Evanston-Our Place

Family Promise Northshore

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Hagerty Consulting

Have Dreams

Impact Behavioral Health Partners

Infant Welfare Society of Evanston

Justin Wynn Fund

Literature for All of Us


Mudlark Theater

Nature's Perspective

Northwestern University

NorthShore University HealthSystem

Peer Services

Rotary International

Senior Connections

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

St. Nicholas Catholic Church

Temperance Beer Co.

Youth & Opportunity United (Y.O.U.)

Youth Job Center

YWCA Evanston/North Shore