It takes initiative to lead a community where it wants to go. Step one is settling on the goal — and that takes a lot of what we offer: listening, synthesizing and consensus-building. We’re engaging our community, making grants, training leaders, connecting people and organizations, while we tackle challenges and explore opportunities.  

we’re here for good

leading Evanston where it wants to go, building endowments for the future, providing resources for the present.

we’re here because

our founders and donors, our partners and volunteers are committed to a better future for Evanston.

we’re making a difference

responding to meet emerging needs and tackling longstanding problems, adding value.

News & Events

Register for the free workshop offerings open to organizations serving Evanston. Tuesday, March 20, 5:30, topic: Embody: Building Board and Staff Culture with Purpose and Intention.

Buy tickets to join us at the annual Leadership Evanston (LE) Alumni celebration on Mon. Apr. 23, 6-8:30pm. Honoring ten LE alumni serving in the Evanston Police Department. The event is open to alumni, guests, and friends.

Thank you, NUDM 2018! In our 21st year as secondary beneficiary of NUDM, ECF is proud to receive $104,754.80, #GROWTOGETHER.

Spaces remain for a unique event offered by ECF board and staff — Snapshot Evanston (May 19).

Save the date to join us at our annual Celebrate!Evanston evening event on Thurs. Oct. 11. Event details and sponsorship opportunities will be available soon.

Sobre la Fundación. ¡Se habla español! La oficina de Evanston Community Foundation (ECF) es bilingüe. Para servir a nuestra communidad de una manera mas efectiva, favor de contactarnos al 847-492-0990 o mándarnos un correo electrónico.

strategic plan

The four principles of our strategic plan, approved and adopted in 2017 are:
orange-bullet.png We focus on equity

teal-bullet.png We listen first

blue-bullet.png Sustainability is critical

red-bullet.png Our leadership is in service to community

This year we are focusing on listening first. Listening first opens space for ECF to participate in, collaborate on, or develop programs and services that are inclusive and responsive to the community.

Learn more about our strategic plan – our mission, principles and goals – and how to invest with us.

We invite you to read On Monique’s Mind, a periodic post from our President and CEO.