funds support ECF collaborations

ECF looks for connections — among issues, organizations and opportunities. We may take the initiative to assemble collaborations or to join those led by others. Pooling resources accomplishes what no single group can do alone.

funds for foundation collaborations

Evanston Climate Action Fund Funds grants for greenhouse gas emission-reduction projects to help Evanston meet the goals of its Climate Action Plan.

Evanston Gun Buyback Fund Supports the City of Evanston gun buyback program.

Evanston Two Generation Initiative Fund Supported the Evanston Two-Generation pilot program advancing economic security and promoting educational success for low-income families of children aged 0 to 6, when parental learning has greatest impact on children's achievement.

Grantmaking Partners Supplements funds for grantmaking. Our grantmaking partners include Dance Marathon of Northwestern University.

School Supplies Fund Short term project fund to accept donations for D65 students in need of school supplies.