Leadership Evanston Signature Program

What is the Leadership Evanston Signature Program?

Leadership Evanston (LE) Signature Program is a 10-month program that brings together community leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to learn from each other and create lasting change together.

LE Signature Program runs from September to June every year. During that time, participants:

  • Learn about the history of Evanston to understand how we became the city we are today
  • Build relationships with each other and other community leaders
  • Collaborate to problem-solve around our biggest challenges

Application opens Wednesday, May 1st.
Application closes Wednesday, July 31st at 11:59pm.

LE 2024 Flyer.png

Who Should Apply for the 2024-25 Cohort: 

• Love Evanston

• Live or work in Evanston

• Want to learn more about the amazing things happening in our community

• Are committed to having a positive, lasting impact on our community

• Are eager to learn from and with a diverse group of community leaders

• Have a sincere commitment, motivation, and interest in the experience of the Signature Program

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