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climate action fund grants

These grants are part of a community-wide campaign to reduce Evanston's collective environmental footprint. Read more about the Fund and its grantmaking.


The Climate Action Fund was established as a part of the City of Evanston's Climate Action Plan. The Fund invests in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions-reduction projects in Evanston benefiting nonprofit organizations and lower-income households. It is intended to enable all community members to participate in this initiative, helping Evanston meet its overall emissions reduction goal. Learn about the climate action grants awarded in the grants archive.

how will projects be chosen for funding? 

A project is eligible for funding if it will result in a measurable reduction in GHG emissions for an Evanston nonprofit organization and meets the other criteria listed below. Types of projects eligible for support from the fund include (but are not limited to) lighting and HVAC upgrades, home weatherization, and programmable thermostat installation. The Fund Advisory committee and the Foundation will seek to ensure that the funded projects are 

• Credible (achieved with sound methodologies and practices),

• Additional (made possible because of the fund),

• Quantifiable (resulting in measurable reductions in GHG emissions), and

• Permanent (not subject to reversal in the future).