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grant cycle calendar

This calendar provides an overview of our 2024 grantmaking cycles. See each grant program's overview for specific application process resources: E-Town Innovation Grants, Nonprofit Growth and Sustainability Grants


2024 Grants Calendar:

E-Town Innovation Grants

Spring Cycle:

1/10/24: Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Submission Opens
1/29/24: LOI submission closes.
2/12/24: Eligible Nonprofits Invited to apply.
2/12/24: Applications open.
3/11/24: Applications close.
5/29/24: Grant recipents notified.

Fall Cycle:

7/22/24: Letter of Inquiry (LOI) submission opens.

8/12/24: LOI submission closes.

8/26/24: Eligible Nonprofits invited to apply.

8/26/24: Applications open.

9/23/24: Applications close.

12/11/24: Grant recipients notified.


Nonprofit Growth and Sustainability Grants

Spring Cycle:
1/22/24: Applications open.

2/20/24: Applications close.

5/9/24:  Grant recipients notified.


*Note: Spring cycle is for operating support only. Click here to learn more.

 Fall Cycle:

8/19/24: Applications open.

9/16/24: Applications close.

11/14/24: Grant recipients notified. 


*Note: Fall cycle is for capacity building only. Click here to learn more.