organization endowments
sustain nonprofits

The Evanston Community Foundation provides a home for permanent funds established by other nonprofit organizations as a way of providing for their own long-term sustainability. 

Organizational endowments return annual distributions to the organization while the principal grows over time. Any nonprofit can enjoy the benefit of ECF's investment policies and practices for bequest gifts or other funds set aside for long-term investment. Annual distributions from an endowment are a way to diversify a nonprofit's sources of revenue.

why it makes sense

Endowments are at the heart of our mission, making ECF a responsible choice for many nonprofit organizations. The Foundation has an impressive track record through over 30 years of investing experience, making us a good partner for organizations of any size. Because all funds are commingled for investment, ECF offers diversification of risk within a well-balanced, $37 million portfolio. Rigorous attention to benchmarks and the close monitoring of funds, whether your assets are $25,000 or $2.5 million, are advantages we offer. As of early 2022, the Foundation currently manages $8.1 million in organizational endowments for twenty-five organizations, held in 41 funds. Learn how we invest wisely.

supporting an organization

Contributing to an organization’s existing endowment at ECF is a way for individuals to invest — at any level — in that organization’s future. If you’re interested in establishing a new fund to benefit a specific organization, see donor designated funds.

current organizational endowments at ECF

View the Fund List page for a complete list of funds.