Grantee Spotlight: Modernizing Mental Health With Trilogy

In recent years, mental health has become increasingly recognized as an essential aspect of overall well-being;andTrilogy Mental Health (Trilogy) is at the forefront ofproviding compassionate and high-quality mental health care to vulnerable communities in Evanston.We take immense pride in spotlighting Trilogy Mental Health as one of our 2023 Nonprofit Growth & Sustainability grantees.With this recent grant awarded to Trilogy, the Community Foundation uplifts our five-year strategic plan to elevate voices, build justice & resiliency, and connect and strengthen Evanston’s nonprofit sector. As we continue our work to live out these ideals, we employ great intention behind ensuring our programming, grants, and resources advance a just, vibrant, and inclusive Evanston. Read on to see howempowering this crucial healthcare organization in modernizing its medical note-taking processhelps provide compassionate and accessible care for all 


Empowering Trilogy Mental Health:  Pioneers in mental healthcare, Trilogy Mental Health (Trilogy) has long been recognized as a pillar of support and healing within the Evanston community. Their unwavering dedication to addressing mental health challenges with compassion and empathy has positivelyimpacted the lives of countless individuals. Trilogy continuouslyseeks to improve its services and make a lasting difference in the lives of those they serve. The organizationhas partnered with Eleos Health to create an innovative technology that is revolutionize their approach to clinical note-taking by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. 


The integration of this first-of-its-kind tool is already providing a host of benefits.Trilogy clinicians are spending 80% less time writing clinical notes, and 90% of clinicians report less job-related stress, reducing burnout. Clinicians will be able to provide an even higher degree of support to clients and support in their journey to mental health recovery. Trilogy predicts that, over time, this tool will support clinicians to stay in their roles longer.  


Partnering for Impact: The Evanston Community Foundation is proud to partner with Trilogy in their work to strengthen accessible, compassionate, and transformative mental healthcare for all.By collaboratively working toward improving mental health services, embracing advancements, and fostering an inclusive environment, we can pave the way for a stronger, more resilient Evanston—one where mental health care is accessible, compassionate, and transformative- For Now, Forever, and For Everyone. 


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