nudm & ecf 25th partnership year

March 10, 2022 | ECF Press Release

The Evanston Community Foundation (ECF) announced it will receive a grant of nearly $45,000 as the secondary beneficiary of Northwestern University Dance Marathon (NUDM).

NUDM has awarded ECF nearly $1.5 million over the years, making NUDM one of the Foundation’s top donors. NUDM logo 2022.png

nudm 2022

Now in its 48th year, NUDM is the largest student-led philanthropy that raises dollars to benefit a primary and secondary beneficiary. Chicago Youth Program, the primary beneficiary, will receive more than $400,000 for supportive services for families on the south and west sides of the city.

ecf's 25th year as secondary beneficiary

For the past 25 years, ECF has been the secondary beneficiary of NUDM, receiving 10% of the funds raised. NUDM has awarded ECF nearly $1.5 million over the years, making NUDM one of the Foundation’s top donors. Those funds go back into the community through ECF grant investments and have helped ECF create innovative grants programs and other supports for the important work of nonprofits.

At the height of the pandemic, NUDM provided one of the first donations to launch ECF’s Rapid Response Fund, allowing ECF to collaborate with local nonprofit organizations to address the needs of residents challenged with food insecurity, lack of remote educational access, and access to safe shelter.

“The students at NUDM have been more than amazing. They give more than dollars but they also volunteer in the community, work at local nonprofits, and provide sustainable solutions to some of our most pressing issues. We are proud to partner with such compassionate student leaders,” says ECF President & CEO Sol Anderson.

The dollars raised this year will support Evanston nonprofits through ECF’s grantmaking, leadership development, and capacity-building programs. ECF’s grant decisions are made by community members representing all corners of Evanston. As the largest grantmaking partner of ECF, NUDM’s efforts help ECF address a broad range of needs while making the greatest impact.

about the foundation

Founded in 1986, the Evanston Community Foundation helps Evanston thrive now and forever as a vibrant, inclusive, and equitable Evanston, where every member can thrive. Through grants, training, and making connections, we enable Evanston nonprofits and community organizations to deliver their mission more effectively. We leverage the generosity of our donors, so their charitable giving can have the greatest impact on our community. We are invested in Evanston now, forever, and for everyone.