Jennifer Eason’s Walk of Faith

January 20, 2021

For the owner of Jennifer’s Edibles, it’s not about the money. Her purpose is to inspire people by setting an example.

jennifer-eason.jpg“When COVID hit, Jennifer’s Edibles was not in a great position financially. We had the opportunity to be of service to seniors; we found that there was a real need. Even before COVID, many of our seniors did not have support,” said Jennifer Eason, owner of Jennifer’s Edibles.

Seniors, primarily seniors of color, suffered from isolation,  lack of transportation, and access to nutritious food. With a grant of nearly $140,000 from ECF, Jennifer’s Edibles provides two meals daily for up to 200 seniors.  

rising to the occasion

“ECF helped tremendously in the community. ECF sustained businesses so businesses could sustain the people. Our community came together and businesses collaborated. We all pitched in to help each other. It was a rare look at altruism. Everyone rose to the occasion,” said Eason.

When Jennifer’s mother was pregnant with her younger brother, she had hyperglycemia. To help her family, seven-year-old Jennifer started cooking for seven siblings and two adults. She is the youngest girl and born the fifth child out of seven children. 

Back then and now, Jennifer believes her purpose is to inspire people by setting an example. “I don’t ask anyone to do a job that I’m not willing to do. I also don’t ask people to over extend themselves or take on tasks that don’t fit their strength.”

born to a family of entrepreneurs

She is a natural for this sort of work. Jennifer was born to a family of entrepreneurs. Her family owned the ice cream shop, The Expedient Ingredient. In addition, they owned a cleaning business. “Everyone in my family had a job to do. My Dad was a contractor and my Mom ensured that everything in our home was decorative, especially the kitchen.”

Jennifer opened Jennifer’s Edibles and Catering Services in 2005. After enduring some hard times through the financial crash of 2008, she restructured her catering business to provide personal chef services to families and along the way, families learned how to prepare nutritious meals. On January 6, 2017, Jennifer’s Edibles opened a physical location on Simpson in Evanston. 

“Everyone eats here [at Jennifer’s Edibles]. Asian. Latino. Black. Jamaican. White.” Jennifer serves a large demographic. “There is a 10-year-old boy who comes in to get his meal like every other day. He’s one of my youngest customers,” she says with a smile in her voice.

“I have been in the community for five years running Jennifer’s Edibles. I don’t take a paycheck. I return every dollar to my business. This is a walk of faith. It’s not about making money.”

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