Leadership Evanston Celebrates the Success of its 31st Graduating Class

June 7, 2023

Evanston,IL -The Evanston Community Foundation recently hosted a distinguished recognition ceremony to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the 2023 cohort of Leadership Evanston. The event marked the culmination of this year's program, providing an uplifting platform for classmates to acknowledge one another's accomplishments. 

Leadership Evanston serves as an invaluable opportunity for both long-time residents and newcomers to the city. For new residents, the program offers a unique avenue to become acquainted with the institutions, decision-makers, and organizations that drive change in Evanston. Through a comprehensive ten-month learning curriculum, participants gain a profound understanding of Evanston's history, while developing meaningful connections within the community. 

“Leadership Evanston has provided me the opportunity to identify issues in the community and strategize creative solutions. Being new to the area gives me a unique perspective that has proven to be helpful in looking at old problems in a new way”, says Terrance Stevenson, 2023 Leadership Evanston Graduate. 

Throughout the program, the cohort delved into various sectors of the Evanston community, immersing themselves in its rich tapestry. This immersive experience aimed to equip program participants with a profound understanding of Evanston's history, as well as the programs, places, and individuals who possess the potential to lead the community towards its desired future. As part of their engagement, Leadership Evanston participants engaged in independent group projects of their choice, covering a diverse range of topics including affordable housing and cultural competency training. There was a total of five group projects, and in May, the cohort had the opportunity to present their findings to the broader Evanston community. 

Akilah Wilson, a graduate of Leadership Evanston 2023, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, "Leadership Evanston provided an exceptional opportunity to gain insight into the intricate dynamics of Evanston, while simultaneously connecting with a robust network of accomplished change-makers within our community." 

The Community Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 32nd cohort and encourages all interested individuals to apply.  The Community Foundation strongly believes that there is a leader in everyone, and we are here to help you cultivate it. Visit evasnstonforever.org to apply now! 



Pictured: 2023 Leadership Evanston 31st Cohort: Jessy Bradish, Adina Kleiman, Jeff Thomas, Linda Tucker, Akilah Wilson, Becky Eberhart, Rob Lentz, Melissa Raman Molitor, Danielle Feijoo, Danile Russel, Cheryl Brown, Susan Markwell, Audrey French, Nancy Castillo, Maurya Delaney, Taishiya Nix, Diane Goldring, Laurie Flanagan, Meleika Gardner, Laurice Bell. Co-Facilitators: Karli Butler & Jennifer Moran 

Not Pictured: Tasheik Kerr & Terrance Stevenson 


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